Seeking Peace and Tranquility in Talikud Island

IMG_4472 2

After several times visiting Davao City, I finally got the chance to go to Talikud Island, a small island located at the back of Samal Island – officially known as Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte. I wouldn’t have gone to the place if it was not because of my lovely friends of Talikala, Inc. They were the one who arranged all the things, including transportation, accommodation, and even meals! Salamat kaayo, fellas!

The day was quite cloudy when we departed from St. Ana Wharf at about 2.15PM with 8 staffs of Talikala (Jeanette, Karina, MJ, Jenjen, Genna, Shin, Hazel, and Lori), daughter of Jeanette – Liyan, and my only officemate – Nuzy. We cruised the sea by a pump boat for about 2 hours before reaching the final stop at Talikud Island Port, a walk away from Isla Reta Beach Resort – the place where we will stay over the night at the island. However, half way before we reached the land, the boat stopped by at Kaputihan Beach – another snorkeling and diving spot at Samal Island – for about 10 minutes to load and unload passengers.

Arriving at about 5PM, we still got the chance to see the sunset and walked through the white sand. I couldn’t stop feeling so blessed to be in the island seeing a very beautiful landscape with my own eyes. The beach is so clear, calm, and simple. I kept opening my mouth and hissing. To ones who seek for a tranquility, it is a haven to appreciate nature in its raw form.

Some friends were setting up the rented cottage; some got their wetsuit and bikini and swam; and some just played with the wave and walked through the white sand. We noticed that in the next day, there will be a wedding ceremony at the seashore as we saw a group of people were preparing the venue with red carpet and flowers. I was wondering who were the lucky couple to have a wedding on this beautiful place? Envy them, hahaha.

Before getting dark, Lori and Genna were preparing dinner in front of our room. We rented a quite big cottage with a verandah and a room with 3 beds.  The cottage is located 100m from the seashore. While waiting for the dinner, we cleaned out the sand and showered at the back of the cottage. At 6PM sharp, we had our dinner together. What was served were grilled tuna, boiled banana, camote tops (sweet potato leaves) salad, pickles, and beef rendang that I brought from Indonesia. I could say that it was the most simple yet delicious dinner as you enjoyed the meal at the seashore watching the sun set with your lovely friends! Priceless!

We spent the night singing and talking and went sleep at midnight. At 5 in the morning, Lori and Genna, again prepared the meals for our breakfast. Some went swimming, some took a bath. I just spent the morning walking through the white sand before breakfast was ready and went to a local people’s house at the back of the cottage to order some fish for our lunch.

Finally at 8AM, Jeanette told all of us to be ready for the trip. Talikala has rented a small boat to go around the island. We packed some snacks and wore our wetsuit. I was so excited to do the trip. We departed at 8.30 to the right side of the island. We were so lucky that the weather was so nice as the sky and the ocean were so blue. After cruising for an hour, we arrived at a cave on the reef and hopped to take some pictures and swim and snorkel. We continued the trip and stopped by near Dayang Beach Resort – another resort at Talikud Island – when we met a fish seller on a boat, offering his haul and a pearl seller also on a boat, offering the jeweleries – that made me surprised. Some friends swam and snorkeled, while I only played on the water by holding the wood at the side part of the boat. I was afraid to see the depth of the ocean knowing that i couldn’t dive at all.

At the end, we had to go back to Isla Reta as the rented time was only up to 12. In total, we cruised and went around the island for about 3 hours. At 12 noon we disembarked from the boat and had our lunch. Today’s menu was fish and moringa soups and rice. It was a comfort food for the Filipinos. Light and sour. Delicious.

Lunch session was over, then we started to pack our things as we would depart from the island at 2PM to St. Ana Wharf, went back to Davao City. It was really a wonderful trip and memorable moment for me. Having fun with besties is the best thing in life. Without them, everything will be just flat, boring, and uninteresting.

Special thanks to Talikala’s squad for making it real. Mahalkita! :*


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